Chicago Marathon Training Week #9

I’m following the Hal Higdon Novice 1 training plan in preparation for my first marathon,the Chicago Marathon. I’ve chosen to up the long runs on the weekend since the thought of only hitting 20 miles beforehand freaked me out a tiny bit!

Week in review:

Monday: Rest day–mission accomplished,super easy! 🙂

Tuesday: 3 miles on schedule and 3 miles done! I’ve noticed my 3 milers getting faster and have been able to negative split them.

Wednesday: 7 on schedule and decided to flip my Thursday 4 miler. Managed 4 miles in just under a 9:00 mm.

Thursday: Did the 7 I was suppose to do on Wednesday. I hate that it’s starting to get dark earlier!

Friday: Rest day..once again that was easy!

Saturday: I’ve been upping my mileage every other week. Started at 6am and got in 18.25 miles. Felt better than I thought I would. Still trying to figure out my fuel,but no issues with anything I’ve been using.

Sunday: Cross training day. I struggle with this since I don’t have a gym membership right now. I went for a little walk,did a lot of stretching and also various exercises.

Still injury free with 8 weeks left!



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