Week 10 Marathon Training and Ultima Replenisher review

Another week of Marathon training down,which means, only 8 more left! My mind is still on that finish line,and I am still injury free! Huge pluses in my book.

Monday: Rest day! Always still do some stretches and foam rolling,but nice to relax.

Tuesday: 3 miles on schedule,check!

Wednesday: Mid week longer run,7 miles. For some reason I dread these weekday runs. I do them after work and my time is always slower at night. Was still able to get my 7 done. Came home to a box of salted caramel Gu Energy Gel. Love this stuff!


Thursday: 4 mile run. My fastest 4 miles ever! Chicago has been having a really mild summer,which I have definitely taken advantage of with my training.


Fastest 4 miles!

Friday: Another rest day. I usually don’t do training schedules with 2 rest days,but this one seems to be working for me so far.

Saturday: This week was my step back week. I did a 9 miles in the morning.

Sunday: Cross-training day. Did a few workout sheets,along with some work with weights.

After my long run on Wednesday,I tried a new drink mix, Ultima Replenisher. I won a few samples of this from another blogger,and have been meaning to try it.

photo_1(1)This one is the lemonade flavor. So many of the recovery/electrolyte drinks seem to have tons of sugar in them,and I end up with a stomachache after drinking them. Ultima Replenisher has zero sugar along with zero artificial. I really enjoyed this,and found it very refreshing after running 7 miles. I’m looking forward to trying another flavor out during an actual run this week. It does take a lot of stirring to dissolve it in cold water,but it tasted very similar to a glass of lemonade,but not too sweet.



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