Marathon Training Week 11 of 18 Reviewed

This week seemed like a tough week for me in training. A huge factor with this was the weather. Chicago area has had a seasonably cool summer. This past week,that all changed. The temperatures picked up, bad thunderstorms,and horrible humidity! I would like my cooler weather back,please! ๐Ÿ™‚

Week 11

Monday: Rest day. Did just that!

Tuesday: 4 miles. Weather was crummy outside,so went to an indoor track for 4 miles. Ended up doing 6 X 800s followed by one mile cool down.

Wednesday: 8 miles on schedule and I decided to flip and do my Thursday 4. Humidity was bad for this one.

Thursday: 4 miles. Didn’t do the 8 I should have done Wednesday,did nothing actually. Had a work outing at Arlington Racecourse and didn’t get home till later,also bad storms this day.

Friday: Rest day on the schedule, but finally got those 8 miles in!

Saturday: This is usually long run day,but I volunteered at my church’s 5K race. It’s nice being on the other side of things and see the joy of the 1st to the last person cross the finish line! I did do a lot of stretching at night and went for a long walk.

Sunday: Long run day. 20 miles. Wow,what a 20 miles it was! Got a late start,8:30am and boy was it humid! Did a double out and back on a trail. Hit mile 11,refilled my water. I still felt ok,but the sun started beating down bad! Around mile 13 I started to slowly,slowly,slowly fall apart. By the end,I could have sworn a snail passed me. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The important part is though, I never gave up and kept on going! This was definitely a mentally challenging run for me! These only make us stronger,right?

Longest run ever!

Longest run ever!

Next week I’m running the Magnificent Mile Half Marathon,so definitely hoping and praying for cooler weather!

Happy running! 7 weeks till Chicago Marathon!


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