Marathon Training: Week 12

Another week of Chicago marathon training is over! Weather has definitely changed in the past 2 weeks,and not in my favor. Hot,humid, and sunny.  Hoping now that September,and pumpkin spice lattes 😉 are here,cool temperatures will follow!

Monday: Rest day.

Tuesday: 4 miles.It was humid,but got it done.

Wednesday: 8 miles. Got a late start and it was dark when I was finishing. Definitely need a plan for my 9 and 10 milers during the week.

Gorgeous sunset picture at the end of my 8 miles

Gorgeous sunset picture at the end of my 8 miles

Thursday: 5 miles Rainy,weather outside so did my speed work on the indoor track to add up to 5 miles.

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Did my 20 miler last week since I had a half planned on Sunday. Did cross training,rest,and stretching.

Sunday: Ran the Magnificent Mile 1/2 Marathon. It was HOT,HUMID,and realllly sunny. I’ll write up a review later this week. Flag alert was moderate level for most of the race,after I was finished it went up to red. I still managed to pull off a 2:02 finish somehow. Still hate running in the warmer weather. 😉

Sweaty 13.1 miles!

Sweaty 13.1 miles!

6 weeks to go,and hoping to finish this training up injury free,and end with a successful marathon!




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