Chicago Marathon Training Week 13

This week was pretty uneventful for my training. Definitely not liking how early it is getting dark outside,makes my Wednesday longer runs hard to do. No major aches or pains. Did lose one poor toenail,that thing has been holding for dear life on for months now! All that being said,here is how my week went:

Monday: Rest Day. I think I enjoy these a bit too much lately 😉

Tuesday: 4 miles done. Seemed a bit slower than usual,probably still feeling my half from Sunday

Wednesday: 9 miles This was tough for me. I ended up doing 3 of the miles outside on a trail by the Rec Center and it got dark outside,so I finished the last 6 on the indoor track. Tried a new gel, Hammer Gel Apples and Cinnamon,really liked this one and plan on using it more often.

Thursday: 5 miles Still hating the humidity I did this on the indoor track. Actually made decent time under 9 mm average

Friday: Rest day My legs seem to really enjoy rest days

Saturday: Cut back week for me again,ended up doing 11. Weather was AWESOME this morning,I was even chilly waiting around with my running group before we started. I know I’m going to pay for doing my 20 miler earlier than I should have,but doing my longest run,23, on the 20th

Sunday: Cross training Did a lot of stretching and straightening and some cardio exercises

Another week down,5 remaining! This week is looking to bring much,much cooler temperature! YAY!

Anyone else not enjoy how early it gets dark and find it harder to get their runs in after work?



4 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 13

  1. Nice work last week! I’m sure you’ll be fine with your long runs. Luckily your body doesn’t lose endurance that quickly, especially if you’re still doing some longer runs in between. I mostly run first thing in the morning, and I’m having the opposite problem–if I want to run when it’s light out, I have to start later than I used to. I’m having to tweak my training schedule a bit to make sure I’m not late for work on days when I start early.


    • Thanks for the words of encouragement! I noticed that it wasn’t getting lighter out till later in the morning when I went for my run last Saturday. My group always meets at 6 am and I realized it was still dark outside when we started running. It seems like it changes so quickly!


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