Marathon Training Week 14

I can’t believe the Chicago Marathon is only about 26 days away. This Summer seemed to have just flown by!  Although Fall doesn’t start till September 23rd,Chicago sure got a taste of it this week. Hopefully this isn’t a sign of another super cold winter! Training this week went fairly smoothly,still feeling pretty well.

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: 5 miles. I’ve surprised myself with my speed on these 5 mile runs the past 2 weeks.

Wednesday: 9 miles. Ended up doing this on the indoor track. Gets dark too early and its just easier.

Thursday: Another 5 miles.

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: It was a cut back week again,I still did 14. I felt great. If we can get weather on marathon day exactly like Saturday,I think I will be good! My time had a Heritage Festival going on,so I bet I added an extra 2+ miles walking around there. Although it was needed after the funnel cake and giant pretzel!

Sunday: Cross training. I really need to join a gym again after I finish my marathon. I miss having classes to go to and new things to try. I did some workouts with weights and lots of stretching.  Went to Goebbert’s Farm for their Fall preview. This is always such a nice place to walk around,even without kids. Of course I had to eat one of their delicious apple cider donuts too! 😉


This weekend is my super long run,followed by my taper. I would be lieing if I said I wasn’t nervous,I’m trying to do 23. I think that will get me over the mental hurdle that I CAN do this!

How many miles did you run for your longest run before your marathon? Always interested in opinions on this.


2 thoughts on “Marathon Training Week 14

  1. Loving your pumpkin photo collage. And now I want a pumpkin donut. 🙂 I’ve generally done 20 miles in preparation for a marathon, although I had one training cycle when I only got 18 and I crossed the finish line okay. I think how fast you run and your goal for the marathon really affect how long your longest run should be.


    • My overall goal is a finish,which at this point I’m fairly certain unless an injury or something occurs I will do that! I have small time goals,but not going crazy if I don’t make those. 🙂


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