Marathon Training Week 15

Wow, I can’t believe week 15 of 18 is already over!  This week was a tough week to get through,but I made it and hit all my miles. I had high doubts going into this that I would be able to run 10 miles after a full day at work,but I did it!

Monday: rest day  Ran 5 miles since I had an appointment Tuesday night.

Tuesday: Used this day as my rest day,and actually glad I flipped them.

Wednesday: 10 miles. Whoohoo somehow I managed that,but boy was I tired.

Thursday: Another 5 miles

Friday: rest day. I believe all day Friday my brain was spinning in anticipation of my super long run on Saturday

Saturday: 23 miles!  Felt amazing and hit way under my target pace.

Sunday: Taper madness begins!  I did a lot of stretching and relaxing,also went for a walk.

I am running the Mill Race Half Marathon this Saturday,but definitely not looking to break my PR or do anything crazy. Hoping those 13.1 miles will fly by after doing 23.


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