Marathon Training Week 17 & a new half PR!

This week in training started off with my legs feeling super fatigued from the 23 miler on Saturday. I struggled a lot through Tuesday and Wednesday. Nevertheless,Saturday morning my half marathon rolled around,and I PR’ed!  At the beginning of the year I laid out a few goals for myself and one was to hit an under 2 hour half marathon. At that time, I was only at a 2:13. This year,race by race I seemed to shave time off of this.  Saturday, I not only made this goal,I ended up with a 1:55:00!!  Super excited to see training paying off!  Hopefully my marathon will result in a great race as well!

Monday: Rest Day.

Tuesday: 5 miles. Seemed super difficult.

Wednesday: 8 miles. Today was one of my first days I wondered how I ever ran 23 miles. 8 miles seemed like a super long time today.

Thursday: 3 miles. Legs finally were starting to feel back to normal

Friday: Rest Day.

Saturday: Mill Race Half Marathon in Columbus,IN 13.1 miles never felt so good!


Review of the Mill Race Half coming on the blog later this week. If anyone has seen videos of a train blocking runners course,yep this was the race. 😉

Also,reminder I have a giveaway going on to win a Spartan Race Entry! Ends on Sunday! Enter here!


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