Marathon week in review

18 weeks seemed so far away when I first started my marathon training. Then,little by little they seemed to speed up and marathon week got here fast!  I will have a blog post on the actual marathon,but…I still can’t believe…. I RAN A MARATHON!! My original goal was just to finish,that turned into hopefully under 5 hours,followed by hmmmm maybe I can get around a 4:30.  My finish time ended up being 4:18!  Definitely a successful run!


Tuesday: 3 miles.

Wednesday: 4 miles

Thursday: 2 miles.  Why the heck should 2 miles be a “tough” run?

Friday: rest,rest,rest

Saturday: Rest.  Although, so much walking at the expo!

Sunday: MARATHON DAY!!  26.2 miles.

chicagomarathonFull Marathon review post hopefully later this week!  How was your weekend? Did you run the Chicago Marathon?


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