Gouldilocks and the Bears 5K Race Recap

On Friday when I received the tweet that I had won a race entry to run the Gouldilocks and the Bears 5K, racing this 5K was the last thing on my mind. I hadn’t run or done any working out since October 19th. I figured I would use this race to get my mindset back on track and just have fun and enjoy the scenery. Little did I know, other plans were in store….

Sunday morning I woke up and went through my typical pre race routine.  I ate my English Muffin with peanut butter and had my small cup of coffee while getting dressed and doing some stretches. Thankfully the race was only about 15 minutes from my house. I left the house around 7,and arrived and parked at Carl Hansen Woods by 7:15. Race packet pickup took place at various locations Tuesday-Saturday. I chose to pick mine up morning of the race. Super easy and simple process. I walked up, told the lady my name,received my bib. Walked to another table and got a bag along with my tech shirt. I LOVED the design on the tech shirts and bibs!


Sawg in bag included a can of red bull,a coupon for free fries with burger purchase at Meatheads,a chapstick,and KIND bar. (yum,love those) The red bag I won at the 99.5 booth. After I got my stuff,back to the car I went.  I forgot to mention…it was COLD outside. Not the brrr it’s in the 40’s chilly cold,but when I got back to the car and checked my phone the “feels like” temperature was 19! I prefer cooler temperatures to run in,but these were a bit chillier than my preference. 😉

The race didn’t start till 8:30,so I had more than enough time to sit in the car and stay warm. My car was parked just steps to the starting line which was great! One perk of a smaller race! Around 8:15 I got out of the car to stretch and line up.


The word of the day was: layers.

This race benefits The Goulden Touch. The Goulden Touch is Chicago Bears, Robbie Gould’s charity. Before the race started Robbie thanked everyone for coming out and explained that proceeds from this race were going to benefit WITS; Working in the Schools program. After we heard the National Anthem,we were off!  Right on time.

Mile 0-1: As soon as I started running, I knew I wasn’t feeling great and on par. My eyes were watering from the cold,my nose wouldn’t stop running,and to top it off my sinuses insisted on dripping into my throat making me feel nauseous. Surely I can last around 30 minutes and survive this,it’s only a 5K! “Are we going up hill?” Time: 8:01

Mile 1-2: “Oh look the leaders are already on their way back,can’t be much further till I can do that,too” “Are we going up hill?” “YAY its the turn around already”   Time: 8:08

Mile 2-3: “Why is there no one else running anywhere near me” “Look a photographer,put on your best fake smile” Time: 7:57

Mile .1: Almost there! Can’t stop running now!

Saw the finish line and the clock which was nearing 25 minutes. Crossed the finished line and Robbie Gould was standing there high fiving all the runners as we crossed the finish line! My watch said 25:00 exactly.  I finally got my chip time and I ended up with a new PR 24:59! Which also checks off my third goal for the year: run and under 25 minute 5K!

5Krobbiegouldfinish  I crossed the finish and thought for sure I would throw up. Thankfully,that never happened. I got a bottle of water,a banana,and a KIND bar.  The KIND bars weren’t doing too well in the freezing cold weather and were like a rock to eat. I then waited a few minutes and got stretched out by the awesome people at Athletico that had a tent set up.

I was freezing,but wanted to wait around for the awards ceremony. So I went back to the car to warm up. During this time they also held a kids run,and Robbie ran with the them.

The awards ceremony went through pretty quickly. I ended up getting first place in my age group! Whoohoo! That’s a first time for that. Not without a small mistake of announcing my age group and saying there was only 1 runner in it,and it was not me.  This was quickly corrected after a few ladies and myself said something. 😉

I received a gold medal! =)

5kmedalrobbiegould robbiegouldjen

Overall, this was a great race and one I will be putting on my to-do list for next year! Extremely family friendly and for both runners and walkers. Also benefits a great cause. I wish the weather would have been a bit warmer and I would have felt better,but those are things just not in our power. The race was very organized and right on time starting things when they had them set to start.


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