Finally Back Out There!

I’ve missed my blog writing. After I ran the Hot Chocolate race, I got knocked down again by sickness.  Bronchitis and sinusitis brought along a friend, pleurisy. It’s been a tough last few weeks. No running,no working out. Life consisted of lots of rest,and working from home for a week. Praying it’s all over and doesn’t come back for round 3!

Today I ran the Schaumburg 5K Turkey Trot. I can tell I’m not at top par, of course,but still had a decent race. I will be writing up a recap in the next few days.

I hope to be back into blogging world this week. Need to keep on top of eating healthy and working out in the winter time!

After I finished my half, I got a Tweet text from RunDisney…Disney Princess medals!  Looks like they are going for a Frozen themed weekend next year. Anyone else running Disney Princess weekend?

disney princess medals


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