Schaumburg Turkey Trot 5K Recap

I signed up for the Schaumburg Turkey Trot at the end of October. I was looking forward to racing a 5K after my heavy marathon training to see if I could PR. I signed up for just the 5K since I knew weather at this time of the year was questionable,but worse case scenario it would “only be a 5K.” After I got sick and wasn’t sure I should run this race at all, I was super thankful I stuck to just the 5K.

Packet pick up took place at Dick Pond’s on Wednesday,Friday,and morning of the race. My mom drives by the store everyday so she stopped and pick up our packets on Wednesday. They didn’t have zip up sizes down for us on the sheet and she was told that all the XS were already gone. These tops were unisex and ran very big. I wasn’t happy at all that I signed up ahead of time,but didn’t get the size I wrote down. Thankfully, day of race, I brought the top and was able to turn it in since they had a ton of XS left. Seems like a miscommunication from Wednesday’s “all gone” answer. Glad that was resolved.

Swag: zip top, bag, water bottle, and protein bar

Swag: zip top, bag, water bottle, and protein bar

The 5K started at 8:30,which was nice since I didn’t have to wake up super early for this race. I woke up around 6, made an English Muffin and peanut butter,had a cup of coffee and stretched. Temperatures weren’t going to be super cold,but cold enough in my eyes. I wore Underarmour Cold Gear pants, a light blue sparkle skirt,tech tee,my Glass Slipper Challenge half zip,gloves,and ear warmers.


This race took place in Busse Woods and was a point to point race. You could park near the start and get bussed to the finish or vice versa. I chose to park near the start so I could sit in my car and stay warm till right before the start of the race. =) I waited in the car until about 15 minutes till the start and took the short walk to the starting line.

bussewoodsturkeytrotThere were markers at the start to line up with your estimated pace. I started around the back of the 8 mm since I was unsure of how this race would go. The race started right on time. We started out and I had to do a bit of weaving around walkers that insisted on starting at the very front. I have nothing against anyone walking a whole race, but please be courteous of people that are running and line up with your pace.

The first part of mile one was on the road part and there more snow and ice out than I had expected. We looped back around and got onto the path. For the most part it was clear,but there definitely was some areas that you could slip and fall on. I was feeling pretty good and keeping a decent pace and not pushing to overdue it. By mile 3 I could feel some small inclines and could tell I was starting to get tired. The final stretch to the finish led us through a grassy area that was all covered in slushy snow.Β  I love seeing the finish line and pushing that last sprint out,but fearing I’d fall I didn’t give it my all.

Final finish time: 26:18.

I was happy with this! Not my fastest,but I wasn’t expecting it to be.


Mile 1: 8:26
Mile 2: 8:28
Mile 3: 8:18

After I crossed the finish I received my medal.


My typical medal selfie.

I headed up to get some water and snacks. They had Matt’s cookies, fruit snacks,granola bars, containers of Kodiak Cakes oatmeal, and bananas. They also had cups of Gatorade and hot apple cider. I was a bit disappointed to see both spectators in line taking food and some people grabbing a bunch of each thing. I waited around a few minutes for my mom to finish her race. I grabbed a cup of the hot apple cider to warm up and it was delicious!

The buses back to the starting area were across the street from Busee Woods. There seemed to be some miscommunication as to where the buses were to actually drop us off at. It ended up being almost an extra mile back to the warm car.

turkeytrotfinishOverall, I did enjoy this race. Despite the zip-up mix up and miscommunication with the buses I would do it again. It was a great race to end the season. I know my limits in running in the cold/snow. πŸ˜‰

Did you run a Turkey Trot? If so which one and would you recommend it?

Next up: Star Wars Half Marathon in January!!


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