Starting December Off Right!

I was determined to get both my workout and my eating back on track this month,and so far things are looking up! I have a feeling December is going to fly by and January will be here before I know it. I could really use a few more hours of daylight in the day. Even enough to squeeze in a 3 mile run after work!   Week in review:

Monday Dec 1: Started using some workout sheets I forgot I had. Trying to stay on a schedule and use them 6 days a week.

Tuesday: Finally a 3 mile run! I’m back to the indoor track and counting laps,but 3 miles is 3 miles. Plus workout sheets.

Wednesday: Rest day.

Thursday: Workout sheets

Friday: 3 mile run. Workout sheets.

Saturday: workout sheets

Sunday: Finally a 6 mile run!  Wow, I can tell being sick really kicked me down! and Workout Sheets.

Got my 3 runs in this week,which is my goal for December. And was 6/7 on the workout sheets. My abs were killing me,I think that’s a good sign!

Over the weekend I went to Dicken’s in Dundee Festival. A nice festival in the NW suburbs to kick off the Christmas season. Friday night they had living windows in the downtown businesses, horse and buggy rides, and a lot of places were giving out free cookies.  Yum!  Saturday there was a parade, petting zoo, among other things going on.  I also saw they put up an ice rink.  Anyone want to go ice skating? The weather wasn’t too bad either.


Anyone else feeling super unprepared for the Holidays this year?


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