Happy Holidays!

I know I am a few days late, but hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Mine was fairly low key this year,but I enjoyed it. I ended the day with a lovely 3 mile run. Loving the milder winter we are having here this year in Chicago. Hope we can make it through the next few months with the same type of weather.

I got a few running related gifts for Christmas. On Christmas Eve my brother surprised me with the book I forgot I wanted…


I love reading The Oatmeal online and this book is perfect!

My mom got me an ornament and also a Chicago Marathon running charms. I’ve never been big into the running charms,but like this one to remember my first marathon.


Christmas Eve I went out to a nice dinner with my family.  I love to get all dressed up,even if my curly hair lasts a minimal amount of time. 😉

curlyhairMy running really slacked last week. I did my 3 miler on Christmas Day and was suppose to do 12 today. My 12 turned into 6. Lately any mileage over 6 has led me to some knee/it band pain.  It’s really frustrating me. I figured I shouldn’t push it and will get one 12 miler in before my next half next month.

Anyone have any big plans for New Years Eve? I’m usually a pretty low key New Years person myself. I’ll enjoy the next day off work! =)